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  • GO RENT IT (www.GORENTIT.com), One Stop Rentals and Services Portal for Online Rental Listing.
  • We bring Owners and Renters to one central point. One of it's Kind platform, which is user friendly and secure. we are constantly improving so users will be able to rent out the products and benefit by earning or rent them instead of buying.
  • Our Mission is to bring Owners and Renters together in One Central Platform for their rental needs.
  • Today the world has changed; people are looking to save money by renting things than buying things which are not used daily or needed occasionally. If you don’t need specific product every day, it’s no point you spend money to buy, you still can enjoy using the product by renting it. On the other way round, you can earn money on your unused items by renting them out.
  • Rental Industry is booming and it’s the right time to market it. Global Rental Market is dramatically growing and India is not far behind. Operations are manual now; we want to take this market online with the launch of GO RENT IT (www.GORENTIT.com) .
  • GO RENT IT (www.GORENTIT.com) allows owners of goods/services to rent them out to interested users, and thereby earn money from it. Similarly, renters save money by finding attractive rental deals on any item in and around their locality.
  • The Platform is designed to be user friendly and secure and we are constantly improving the interface to meet user’s needs.
  • GO RENT IT (www.GORENTIT.com) allows users to list as well as browse across multiple categories of items, along with details, pricing and contact details. Multiple functionalities are introduced to improve user experience.
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About us Image


GO RENT IT (www.GORENTIT.com), has many uniquie features that help customers have a user friendly experience and find what they are looking for.

  • We have introduced WEEKEND CLASSIFIELDS Section , where customers can place listings for a particular weekend.
  • Find Your Agents Section enables users to find agents, by category and location. A Seperate Section for Premium Ads.
  • Users Can Shortlist their favorate ads and even save them for future refrence A complete sharing functionlaity is introduced.
  • Pin point location map is enabled.
  • Direct Comunications method where users can contact ad owners for their rental needs.
  • Users Can have a Live Chat Session with GO RENT IT (www.GORENTIT.com) agents for their rental needs.
  • Along with Ad Photos , we have also enabled Video uploads to show case their products.
  • All the Ads will be screened by GO RENT IT (www.GORENTIT.com) agents and will be only approved if the Ad Policys are meet.